The Loop Fitness Takes Precautionary Safety Measures For COVID-19

Lake Stevens personal trainer wears maskLake Stevens gym and fitness center stays open for Crossfit training

Many businesses suffered tremendous losses during the outbreak of Covid-19. Fitness center owners were hit hard by Covid, and several went out of business. The larger health club names filed for bankruptcy protection, while others fought to stay open. Unfortunately, the majority of smaller gyms closed completely.

Frequent athletic club members and clients also endured discomfort and pain because they no longer had a place to work out. Not all people go to the gym to get buff. Patients use gyms to recover from injuries while others go for stress release and to aid anxiety. Staying at home for such long periods was very hard for people. Individuals must know they can go somewhere to get the relief they want. 

As the pandemic eases and a vaccine becomes available, most people have chosen to move forward with their lives and seek a new health-conscious lifestyle. People want to get back to life after lock-down. They want to increase their vitality, stay fit and do it in a proactive way to prevent the virus. They also want to protect themselves and others from further contamination.

A concern now for those who seek gym membership is whether it is safe to go to a public exercising facility. With proper gym management, staff guidance, and fitness training, Covid requirements, you can go and feel safe. It’s making sure the gym you choose follows the above standards to make your new fitness journey for 2021 a success. 

If new members are concerned about safety and cleanliness, they can trust that The Loop in Lake Stevens takes care of participants and has made it their #1 priority to maintain a health standard for patrons and staff. Members will feel confident to practice balancing health, wellness, and physical activity in a risk-free environment.

How Loop Fitness Is Different

The Loop Fitness in Lake Stevens stands apart as a gym that remained open throughout the scope of the pandemic. The gym continues to support new and active members by staying open, following a list of health requirements (listed below) and following a checklist of government-recommended procedures. The Loop Fitness has created a safe space of fitness for members and faculty while maintaining clients’ health and well-being.

“The last year has been a real challenge. But working through the pandemic has been an eye-opener that we are here for good and to stay. We provide the safest and cleanest gym around. As well as hiring the greatest coaches we could ever ask for to help each member that steps foot in our walls each day.” ~Mitch Roehl

The Loop Fitness strictly follows the recommended guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These guidelines include the steps taken to endorse safety plus fitness and training Covid requirements.

  1. Until we are notified and only for Covid, we are not an open gym. Only members can work out in the gym and attend classes. Non-members can not walk in and use equipment or take classes.
  2. Members and staff must fill out Covid questionnaires and screenings upon gym entry.
  3. We facilitate social distancing, and all members can work out in designated areas throughout the gym that is six feet apart or more. Classes allow students to move comfortably and maintain a distance of six or more feet apart.
  4. Masks are available for members and staff. We urge everyone to wear their masks entirely throughout the gym until they are at a workout station.
  5. Coaches and personal trainers wear masks in class and use gloves when touching the equipment.
  6. We encourage you to take advantage of our sanitizer stations located throughout the gym.
  7. Members are required to clean and disinfect exercise stations before and after use.
  8. Staff cleans and sanitizes equipment, classrooms, and main floor before and after classes.
  9. Bathrooms and changing rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  10. Fitness and Training Covid-19 Phase 3 Requirements
  11. Fitness and Training Checklist

The Loop Fitness goes above and beyond with cleanliness and safety

The Lake Stevens Loop Fitness remains conscious of Covid and takes all precautions with the CrossFit training programs, and follows the CrossFit Covid guidelines. The CrossFit training is currently open. See our CrossFit Group Classes for details.

The Loop Fitness is a gym that welcomes anyone at any age who wants to improve their overall well-being. Whatever you want to work on, personal trainers at The Loop are ready to maximize your results without pressure. They do not want to push you so hard that you never want to come back. The staff wants you to enjoy and love your fitness routine so that you do come back. That is what sets The Loop Fitness apart from other gyms that push and pressure you to WORK HARDER!!! 

The Loop Fitness understands that people perform better and achieve goals when encouraged by a coach, a team, or a personal trainer. It’s why gyms exist so that people don’t have to do it alone. Classes motivate people and give support because they include a group of people developing their health goals together. Good energy, positive reinforcement, and a caring atmosphere are what The Loop Fitness members get when they go to the gym.

The Loop is more inclusive and customer service oriented.

"We put health and fitness first."

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The Loop Fitness

The Loop Fitness was established by Coach Mitch Roehl in 2013 (formerly Mountain Loop CrossFit). His passion for coaching people to healthier lives is the core that grew The Loop's incredible community. From group classes, lifestyle/nutrition coaching and one-on-one personal training, our team will help start or guide you on your fitness and nutrition journey!

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