CrossFit Group Classes


CrossFit classes are our most popular option and the cornerstone of our fitness offering at The Loop. Each class has one of our certified coaches leading the way with detailed instruction. By capping each class at a maximum of 15 participants, we're able to deliver personal attention to each member while in a group setting. 


These classes welcome all fitness levels as the individual workouts can be tailored to your experience and comfort level. 


We set the expectation that every day will be different and powerful in shaping your entire body. When you're finished with class our goal is to have you feeling accomplished and better than when you showed up.

We know our members recognize the importance of fitness in their daily routine, but have schedules that vary. To keep our group fitness accessible to everyone, we offer multiple one-hour classes throughout the day, all with the focus to leave you feeling rejuvenated from the stressors of life!


If you're just starting out, we'll want to get you started with a free consult, so we can determine the best way to prepare you for joining our group classes. If you have previous experience, you can choose to just drop-in to a class.

Come in and start enjoying the process of becoming a healthier with like-minded individuals having fun!