Nutritional Coaching

Someone who signs up for nutrition coaching can expect one on one individualized nutrition coaching.  Starting from wherever they are, that's where we start.  We define nutrition as coaching the individual to find a healthy eating strategy for their goals and life.  We are taking nutrition as a whole, including how they are feeling, sleeping, hunger response etc.  They will track these things daily as well as their food.  They will chat with me once every 10-12 days where we discuss goals, accomplishments for the week and strategy for the coming week.

The goal is for the individual to understand what food consists of and how their body responds to different types of food.  Someone should feel like they have a handle on their food intake.  Seeing food as fuel and have minimal emotional responses to food.  They will feel like they are capable of carrying these habits on for the rest of their life. Nutrition plays a huge roll in your sleep, stress response, energy, mental strength and hormones.  So I want them to feel complete in all those aspects and know what to do if they are to get off balance. 

Avatars, anyone who wants more control over their food.  Anyone who wants more energy, gain muscle/strength, losing weight, feeling healthier.  

Nutrition is the base.  Without proper nutrition everything else will eventually suffer.  When first starting crossfit so much changes with the body and confidence.  But eventually, if you're not paying attention to what you do the other 23 hours in the day your progress will stall.  With nutrition coaching, we take the individual to the next level with one on one coaching specifically designed to find out what is the best solution for that athletes goals.  Which can change overtime as well.