Personal Training

Meet with a coach to help you find out where you are and where you want to go. What goals do you have? This question is very personalized to each individual and we want to best set you up for success once joining our group classes. Especially talking about any past injuries we may need to work around.

When going through these sessions our goal is to help the individual build confidence in themselves while learning how to best improve their movement. As well as getting the individual feeling confident moving into our group classes.

Any individual looking to make fitness a part of their life can take this class. This is how to get started. No matter the size, age, or sex, a person can and is encouraged to take this class.

The difference in personal training compared to all of our other offerings is you will be one on one with a coach and not in a group setting. It stands out as a staple for really fine tuning a movement so one can continue to improve overall.