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Lake Stevens Personal Trainers

Personal Training is a highly individualized program to help you achieve your goals. You will work one on one with an experienced coach who will get to know you and will create programs to assist in reaching your goals.

Who is it for?

Personal training is for anyone wanting more individualized attention, not in a group setting. 

Why hire a Lake Stevens Personal Trainer from The Loop Fitness?

Lake Stevens Personal Trainer

Anything that positively affects your health is worth it. Your quality of life instantly improves when you have a personal trainer because you are taking a step toward feeling better. Personal training means that you are ready to move forward with an action plan. If you are unsure about how to begin strength training, then a personal trainer will help you.

A great thing about a professional trainer is the accountability that comes with meeting someone face-to-face. You don’t have to do this by yourself, and a good trainer knows how to give you confidence and motivate you. You will always feel good when you meet our trainers.

Our certified and licensed trainers in Lake Stevens give you the tools to boost your performance and keep you feeling motivated. They will increase the effectiveness of your training and keep you from overworking yourself or become burned out. It’s total support, and you deserve someone on your side that cheers for you.

Even the best athletes don’t always know how to keep the balance between an exercise routine, eating the right foods, and maintaining it all. That is why a personal trainer is necessary. Personal trainers are certified, educated, and experienced people that organize all the information about maintaining your overall balance. They know how to structure the information into a manageable overall approach.

What to expect:

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Once you meet with a coach, the two of you will develop a tailored strategy for your needs. Each session is 30-60 minutes, where you and your coach will work together to reach your goals.

Most people find that they reach their fitness goals faster with a trainer. It’s because trainers will sit with you in 30-60 minutes sessions and plan with you. Together, you will develop a routine that works with your body. A 15-minute InBody Composition Analysis scan gives you and your trainer the ability to determine how your body responds to exercise. Your trainer will know what kinds of strength training and duration will benefit the best results for you.

Your personal trainer develops a personable strategy. It works just for you, and if you have questions, you can ask without judgment. You’ll meet someone that has the time to sit down with you, talk with you, and give you a comprehensive strategy that works with your body. Another benefit of a personal trainer is that you get personal focus instead of general information from a class.

Fitness and training are about you feeling better. The physical body talks to us all of the time, and it's a matter of having someone that can translate what the body says to improve your health. Sometimes if the body is tight, sore, or in pain in one area, it needs strengthening. Our experienced trainers know how the body communicates and help guide you in understanding what is best for your physical and fitness development.

How to start:

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We will want to get you started with a free consultation to determine the best way to meet your goals. From there, you and your coach will collaborate to find the best time/days to hold your personal training sessions.

Your personal training regarding CrossFit, which is the core of our program, is based on three easy steps.

  1. Please fill out a questionnaire and tell us a little bit about yourself and let us know what services you are most interested in. (It’s quick.)
  2. Your trainer will go over the movements with you to prepare you for classes.
  3. Discover your routine. Choose classes or continue with personal training.

There is nothing better than having someone show you how strong you are. Our trainers go above and beyond to help you increase muscle strength, mobility, decrease fat and bring out the best in who you are. You already have the ability to do what you want to do. That is why you are here.

The Loop Fitness is Your Fitness Destination in Lake Stevens

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The Loop Fitness provides programs for all types of people with workout goals. If people want to lose weight, tighten up, lighten up, or structure a personalized strength training program, or join a supportive CrossFit group, The Loop has the necessary means to get you there. Personal trainers are available to work one-on-one with what is important to the client, including nutritional coaching, programs, and apps. 

The Loop in Lake Stevens offers personal training plans that work for all types of people. Talking with a personal trainer will provide you with realistic goals and plans for your fitness journey. Personal training allows one-on-one coaching with a professional to give you detailed attention specific to your nutritional and fitness needs.

Get a FREE 1-on-1 introductory session. It’s no sweat to start.