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Oliver Christian

The Loop Fitness is a place unlike most gyms. I’ll explain, it’s not a place with state of the art exercise equipment or fancy flat screen TV’s or a Olympic size pool. This place is built from alot of hard work, devotion, determination, personal success, tears and sweat. It’s a place they actually change lives for the better. If you’re looking for a place you can better yourself and bond with like minded people who will make you feel like you're apart of something larger than yourself.

Well then you should call and even stop by to speak to one the caring coaches.

For me The Loop literally has been life altering. Thank you Loop family for continuing to guide me through my personal fitness.

The Loop Fitness
The Loop Fitness

The Loop Fitness was established by Coach Mitch Roehl in 2013 (formerly Mountain Loop CrossFit). His passion for coaching people to healthier lives is the core that grew The Loop's incredible community. From group classes, lifestyle/nutrition coaching and one-on-one personal training, our team will help start or guide you on your fitness and nutrition journey!

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